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Climbing on Standing Stones
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Re: Climbing on Standing Stones
Mar 01, 2012, 22:42
Sorry to say it, but in that wonderful prose and well made points, you have missed what is _to me_ the central point of all.

Protecting what's left of our prehistory comes first.

It doesn't matter if its a digger destroying a stone row, a quarrying company destroying unique evidence of temporary camps around a henge, modern poems placed over a prehistoric landscape, a farmer allowing livestock to slowly destroy cairns or ploughing flat a round barrow, tens of thousands of people stealing our heritage in the name of a hobby every weekend, landowners driving 4x4s across chambered tombs, tenant farmers flattening henges, 1000s of people denuding Avebury's banks, unused roads being built over unique archaeology, 100s of people leaving tealights and shite in barrows or 1 solitary person clambering to the top of a fucking dolmen.


Don't tell me it causes no damage, I don't give a fuck if its minor I really don't, its wrong. Simple as. It doesn't matter that in the greater scheme of things its practically irrelevant, because frankly as the people that actually give a toss, so we should be setting the highest possible standard when we visit a site. We must set the highest possible standard cos the other people don't know, they simply don't realise.
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