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Climbing on Standing Stones
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Re: Climbing on Standing Stones
Jan 13, 2012, 23:04
thesweetcheat wrote:
GLADMAN wrote:
It is debatable whether signage could be effective owing to the extreme environmental conditions.... but highlighting the existance of Bronze Age cairns upon ramblers web-sites, in guide books etc can only be of benefit. The mountain tops of Britain are too 'out of sight, out of mind' to ever be policed. However, since your average 'just want to smash fings' vandal isn't exactly likely to climb mountains to get his kicks, I think we need to appeal to the more educated 'vandals' who do. Let's face it, any properly equipped hillsman (the loners or pairs) will, by definition, be prepared for the worst conditions possible at altitude so will have no thought of using - let alone preparing - a storm shelter. Which leaves the larger, inexperienced groups (seeking safety in numbers) as the likely culprits.

Agreed. Perhaps it's worth contacting walking groups (like the Ramblers) and seeing if they would be prepared to add some info to their website. They might also be able to suggest the best way of getting information "out there" to other walkers and walking groups.

You make a good point there but I don't really think it is members of "The Ramblers" who are doing the damage. It is more likely , on Dartmoor anyway , to be locals who have just wandered on the moor for a stroll and have no idea what the Cairn is or what they are doing. Another particular thing that has happened on Dartmoor is the Kist in the centre of the Cairn Circle at Sousons being used as a fire place. Again more than likely just someone who has no idea what they are looking at and thinks it will be a good place for a barbecue.
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