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Climbing on Standing Stones
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Re: Climbing on Standing Stones
Jan 13, 2012, 07:45
thesweetcheat wrote:
I don't want to see damage, but similarly these sites will not survive by being preserved in aspic with "do not touch" signs everywhere (think Stonehenge, think Carnac), they'll survive by being living, breathing places to visit and interact with.

I entirely agree about climbing on the stones themselves, but that isn't doing to stop me climbing onto (and into!) upland cairns either. :-/

I may be getting the wrong end of the stick here...are you saying that Carnac is NOT surviving because of the "no climbing/do not touch/fenced off access by special permission only" policy or despite it? In all the times I have visited Carnac...the only people climbing the stones are tourists who ignore ALL signage but have to face the wrath of inhabitants for so doing...there are a few designated for standing on (for picture opportunites I assume).....climbing into dolmens/chambers also has a "designated" permission system. The locals realise that these very stones are their bread & butter and that the influx of these paying tourists has created associated problems(Devil and Deep Blue Sea Syndrome). By climbing into upland cairns are you creating your own access or do you use existing?......I assume people have the need to go into such "chambers" for their own spiritual purposes/shelter from the elements/the hope to find an overlooked artefact/just to admire the workmanship.....Most humans do have an affinity with caves, tunnels and underground chambers, there is an irresistable urge. However standing on top of ancient stones and the like IMO is just a bit of "look at me ma, top of the world" showing off as it isn't serving any useful purpose.....Of course it could be argued that this is done just to admire the surrounding environs and their relationship with stone/cairn being stood on.However we can't gripe about tourists doing it for photo opportunities if we don't lead by example...just because we claim special pleading.
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