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Climbing on Standing Stones
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Edited Mar 01, 2012, 22:40
Re: Climbing on Standing Stones
Mar 01, 2012, 23:17

... or 1 solitary person clambering to the top of a fucking dolmen.


Don't tell me it causes no damage, I don't give a fuck if its minor I really don't, its wrong. Simple as. It doesn't matter that in the greater scheme of things its practically irrelevant, because frankly as the people that actually give a toss, so we should be setting the highest possible standard when we visit a site. We must set the highest possible standard cos the other people don't know, they simply don't realise.[/quote]

How about this for turning it on its head. I've mentioned before that these days I concentrate on one thing at a time and get the most out of one site rather than keep going from one to the other unless I'm away from home for the purpose of taking half a dozen in.
I was at Trethevy Quoit, again, when a guy in his early 40's I guess appeared with his daughter of 10 years of age it transpired. I had a camera set up on a tripod but just stopped taking shots while they had a look around. 'Most' people that visit the dolman have a quick look around and are gone 5 minutes later so stopping for a few minutes didn't bother me. Not in this instance though because this young girl marched straight up to me and apologised for their presence and said they would only be a few minutes so that I could carry on uninteruppted. I was gobsmacked by her wonderful manner and then blown away when she started to tell ME all about the dolman when it was I who was about to tell her all about it!
I then got talking to her father who said he had no idea where she got her interest from because neither him or his wife had nothing more than a passing interest in it. The girl had knowledge far beyond her years and it was a real pleasure to meet a youngster who was so bright and enthusiastic about the subject.
But wait, I've not quite finished yet. Those who are familiar with Trethevy will know that the 'claimed' rear closure stone has fallen inwards and lies leaning against the main front orthostat which has turned into the 'photoshoot' spot for visitors who sit on it to add to the family album. Well the girls father went to sit on it as we were walking around the monument and she tore a strip off him for even considering it. I had to smile to myself when she was doing this and thought how proud I'd be of her is she had been my daughter.
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