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Climbing on Standing Stones
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Re: Climbing on Standing Stones
Feb 29, 2012, 20:51
tonyh27 wrote:
If you enter the graveyard of a 800+ year old church then just about wherever you go is or was a grave...

Standing on a capstone is no worst just because it's older And I really can't see the difference between standing on the Capstone of DD or standing on WKLB or Adams Grave or any other type of barrow or burial place.

If anybody believes that standing on DD's capstone is disrespectful then thats your opinion. Doesn't mean it is disrespectful. It's just you belive it to be so..

Having said that I haven't climbed DD or any other stone and nor do I wish to.. and I don't feel a better man for it. Because there is no moral high ground here to be gained, other than in the eyes of Men/Women who wish it.. (IMO)

I think you're right Tony. People walk around Westminster Abbey and in doing so are walking over memorial slabs and vaults. It is indeed a matter of opinion.

I have never climbed up a standing stone, but I have walked along several long barrow mounds and onto numerous upland cairns. I have sat upon recumbent or fallen stones, often made of rock hard granite on remote moorland or mountain. I don't think I am "disrespecting" the sites by doing so. In fact it is respect for the site that brings me there in the first place.

There is indeed no moral high ground to be gained here, but I do feel the need to defend myself when there is so clearly a particular viewpoint that says that my actions are wrong, damaging or disrespectful.
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