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Climbing on Standing Stones
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Re: FAO Juamei
Mar 03, 2012, 00:25
juamei wrote:
Do you not think that is because you have focussed on the differences?

I hold one thing close to my heart whenever I do something to protect what is left of our scant heritage, the prehistory comes first. Everything else I do logically falls from that imo. It seems to win me no new friends, but well, thats not why I do it...

Actually, it's probably because I have focussed on the criticism (perhaps too much so, I'll admit). I said some time back that we all have a bias and because I spend a lot of my time out at sites, my view is obviously going to be that to do so is not "wrong".

I agree that the prehistory comes first, I agreed with you when you said that before. But if the prehistory does come first, surely we have to know what there is? If we don't know that there even is a well-preserved barrow and that no-one has caved the top of it in, how are we going to notice when overnight a metal-detectorist has done just that?

I know we're going round in circles Juamei and like you know I should just stop. I have no desire to argue or fall out with people, but I'm afraid I have felt the need to defend myself on this thread for so many days now that it is very difficult to "let it go".
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