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Re: Cerrig!
Jul 09, 2016, 12:49
nigelswift wrote:
Cerrig, for the sake of all the patient spectators here can you please say if this statement by George is true:

"The co-ordinates you provided are not of the point where you took the pics . If you had taken the pics from the co-ordinates you provided you would not have seen the sun rise over the roof as depicted.This can be proved by a basic understanding of the alt from the co-ordinates provided and even looking at the pics ."

Just yes or no will suffice. A more than one word answer won't.

Nigel , You didn't really expect an answer ,did you ?

For anyone interested in this nonsense about a brick wall and how Cerrig managed to get it all wrong and shoot himself in the foot , fail to own up to the error and despite imagining it was part of the challenge , never mentioned referees or dosh , here are two simple explanations that highlight the error .

1)The simplest demonstration of the error requires putting the given co-ordinates into Google earth i.e. “51.82751N -3.O222W” .
Then note where the point is in relation to wall , you can even measure it ,it’s about 1.3 metres. GE is not ideal for measuring really accurate distances but the error is so gross it doesn’t matter in this case .
Now look at the pics in http://www.themodernantiquarian.com/latest/100/0/0 .Between the wall and the point where the pic was taken is a chair with a gap between it and a table i.e. it is not “at” the table ,then there is the table itself then the point where the pic was taken .The table itself must be about a metre wide .
Then look at the right of the pic ,there is circular stone feature ,now look how far that is from the wall (,about 3.4m ), to include it in the pic you would have had to be at least level with it and it is at least 3.5 metres from the wall . The entire width of the space from E-W is about 5m . As I had pointed out “You are obviously not serious .
If the co-ordinates are correct , then the building blocks any view of the sun rise on May 17 . You would find yourself staring at that wall for a long time . Go to the back of the “ garden “ and you will catch a glimpse of the sun but that is a different set of co-ordinates . “ .

As soon as the pics appeared it was obvious that something was wrong and a slightly more technical but still simple approach could be used to highlight the error .
Not knowing the actual height of the wall was not much of a problem ,even a guess of average height of rooms etc, knowing the alt of the sun on that date , and using the alt formula was enough to see that the sun would never be seen at that distance from the wall .

2)The max. alt. of the sun at that date and latitude is never higher than 57.7 degrees .
A basic understanding of calculating the alt is enough to realise that at two metres from the wall , to get that alt , the wall would have to be just over 2 metres taller than eye height , it is clearly a lot more than that and would therefore obscure the sun .
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