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John Michell lecture
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Edited May 17, 2016, 14:49
Re: John Michell lecture
May 17, 2016, 14:45
What an arse you are .
How many times does it take before you understand that I have explained how to do it and there are countless examples in the litertature .
I'll just not tell you , because you are such an arse
You even profess to know how to do it yourself ,which is odd in that you never come up with the goods to show anything that what I have come up with is wrong .
Now you are suggesting that I nick stuff and slightly modify it .
If there are cases where there are more than estimate ,and they areabout right then we might expect some similarities but what about those cases where there have never been any calcs like the Silbury sun roll or the most recent correction of Michell's figures how do you manage to suggest that they might be nicked .Or discovering the problem with the horizons on the "wheretheplace " web site . They were never on the web or in the litertaure .
It's not a matter of feeling superior ,its your inferiority complex that has been apparent for some time and is currently imploding .
You were challenged to back up your claims ,for the umpteenth time here it is yet again .
"What I will gladly do for you ,is take a bet ,you suggest a site and I will tell you where the sun will rise or set as seen from the site or the alt ,to the same tolerance as is usually expected from astro calc. A referee can hold the £100 and check the test ."

Put your money where your mouth is .
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