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John Michell lecture
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Re: John Michell lecture
May 06, 2016, 20:44
You are willfully ignoring the fact that I never suggested that getting the grid refs wrong was anything to do with the alignments . As I keep saying it was indincative of the sloppy methodology . Did I mention the error of 6 + miles for Boskednan .?
The alignment to the boundary stone is not 66.5 degrees as he suggested ,thiswas based on Lockyers more accurate suggestion of the cross quarter day bearing which didn't go near the boundary stone . That is also out , by 62 yards , in the other direction from the bearing he believed was fore the cross quarter day .
Today it is 68 degrees almost bang on .This is 125 yards from the boundary stone when you extend the line from the actual horizon ,bearing in mind the stone can't even be seen from the monument .
I has already pointed out that the line from the monument does not include any of what Michell said would be the" only monuments considered , menhirs , stone circles and dolmens " .What he had on this "alignmnet" was an ancient settlement (a fair sized target , a boundary stone the hilarious "round field " and a tumulus . Not one of whichwas in that list of three leaving an alignment with one monument .
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