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John Michell lecture
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Re: John Michell lecture
May 13, 2016, 15:56
cerrig wrote:
You see George, once again, you are the one who doesn't get it. Data gathered on site will always be better. Without it you are stuffed. You can put up any figures you like and say they are right, but just how can that be scrutinised without the method that arrived at that figure. You are the one who is constantly ducking this issue.
You don't have all the relevant information, on my back garden, or on John Michell, or any of the other topics you choose to deride. If you were any more one eyed you'd be a pirate.
I accept cash if that's better for you?

Are you really so thick as not to realise that you can't give the details for a site if you don't know what or where the site is ?

What is it you didn't understand about "What I will gladly do for you ,is take a bet ,you suggest a site and I will tell you where the sun will rise or set as seen from the site or the alt ,to the same tolerance as is usually expected from astro calc. A referee can hold the £100 and check the test .
Lets see if you can put your money where your mouth is ,or willing to accept real tests ."
Re-read that until it sinks in .
It's very simple , and you are simply avoiding coming up with the goods as always .

I have the relevant information to show that Michell was wrong .

Anyone can put up figures ,if they are wrong they can shown to be wrong .
I have done that and had them confirmed ,often enough .
You provide nothing , either as original data or anything refuting other data .
Plenty wind though .

Put your money where your mouth is .
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