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John Michell lecture
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Re: John Michell lecture
May 04, 2016, 19:55
Rhiannon wrote:
This is all quite abstract though, you believe he's a visionary and T believes he isn't.

Could you share one of his insights that you mention?

This is not supposed to be that stirry, more it would give everyone else a chance to see and consider what you're talking about. Otherwise it's just you and T lobbing snarkiness at each other :) Which while entertaining doesn't move things on much. If you want to anyway.

The problems with original conception of ley lines I thought old hat and everyone wouldbe aware of that .Similarly when these problems led to the change to earth energies and leys and /or ufo's yet another approach that had had it's day . if anyone wants to go over that again ,no problem .
The thread began with a lecture on the old stones of lands, the problems related to that had been gone over decades ago . I just dug the book out and found some new crackers that I have never seen mentioned before .
The first heading for the chapter on stones and how they are supposed to form leys is " Boscawen-Un Circle , The Nine Maidens 41182734 " Seems fine but that grid ref is outwith the circle by as much as 43 yards .You might imagine he would have got that right . I checked the other grid refs and they are all wrongto some degree , doesn't matter if it just a guide to finding the site but this is supposed to be about sites lining up accurately .

Depending on which of two possibles in the same field Stone4 is a whopping 987 or 1,146 yards out . The latter looks the more likely .The listed point is to the south east of the circle when it is supposed to be aligned to a stone to the west of the circle (the given ref is 4041 2721 ,when it is actually 40572 27263 ) .

Thew best one is , Nine Maidens Boskednen is given a grid ref of 43412512 which happens to be a mere 6.2 miles out .

Then there is odd criticism of Lockyer who claimed that the two Pipers were in line with the centre of the Merry Maidens circle ,that certainly is not the case if you use Michell’s grid refs , but in reality they do align to a point within the circle , the line is out by approx 6 yards .When we look at Michell’s grid ref for the circle it is 6 yards outside it never mind that amount from the centre .

That of course is not the major problem with the "vision" but that has been well covered .

Things moved on to to the "canon of number" .I gave a link ,twice ,as it had not been read or understood the first time , to a chum of Michell's ,A mkathematician who showed how problematic Michell's thinking was in this area .

So it has not been all personal sniping from me .
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