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John Michell lecture
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Re: John Michell lecture
May 17, 2016, 15:52
cerrig wrote:
I will look in again tomorrow. It's quite simple George, agree to show your workings, as my old teacher used to say( she was hopeless with names) and you get your grid reference. All this can be confirmed retrospectively as you should know, so stop dodging.

Why would you possibly object to that. Are you really that bothered by scrutiny when its aimed at you, George ?

For the umpteenth time ,I will gladly explain to anyone the many different ways to do astro calcs ,they are available on the web in the literture and I have expaliened here and elsewhere .
You claim to know some , but I will not explain to you because you are such an arse . The same applies to another couple of people who ask for deatils of subjects .I'll gladly do so for anyone here .
I'm not dodging ,you are ,I gave the details in the challenge .Here it is yet again ""What I will gladly do for you ,is take a bet ,you suggest a site and I will tell you where the sun will rise or set as seen from the site or the alt ,to the same tolerance as is usually expected from astro calc. A referee can hold the £100 and check the test ."

Why didn't you respond to "what about those cases where there have never been any calcs like the Silbury sun roll or the most recent correction of Michell's figures how do you manage to suggest that they might be nicked .Or discovering the problem with the horizons on the "wheretheplace " web site . "
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