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Edited Jul 04, 2016, 08:05
Re: Cerrig!
Jul 04, 2016, 07:51
nigelswift wrote:
On Thursday you said
"I will post the correct answer either tomorrow or next week".

Was it your plan to entirely ignore what has been said and just post "the answer" today, and at the same time claim you've "won", and then disappear?

(I thought I'd ask this morning, just to bugger your plan. You're great on the insults, BTW, but not on delivering. Which are the two qualities the woo-jobbers all share as this thread has shown once again. I wish I had back all the time I've wasted over many years hoping it wasn't true).

Yes it was , but he got it all wrong .
Another problem with the woo jobbers is avoiding providing evidence ,(as well as eveading challenges ) for once there was enough to provide enough rope .
But it has all been recorded .
Despite getting this wrong it was never part of the challenege , just another evasion .
So I still await acceptance of the challenge , no breath held as always .
The daft thing is that there are countless possibilities that would be easy for referees to confirm or otherwise at ancient sites providing a bit of info and interest as opposed to modern walls that only backfire .
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