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John Michell lecture
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Re: John Michell lecture
May 17, 2016, 13:47
I understand only too well George.You are the one who is being a bit slow here. You have been asked repeatedly to give up your method for scrutiny. You have completely failed to do that, even coming up with some idiotic challenge to divert attention away from this. It seems to me George, that getting a figure off someone else, proposing a figure of your own that's slightly different, and then bluffing it out that your figure is the correct one, with no justification in the way of proof regarding just how you came by that figure, is a tactic that you have used for quite a while now. Most genuine people will only play that game for a while before realising that you are not interested in proving anything but how superior you are. That's why they give up, because its just not that important to them.
So, in light of your method being nothing but bluff, you would have gladly have impressed everyone with it by now if it wasn't, I will give you your chance to prove otherwise. I will give you the grid reference, you work out the necessary, you post your answer, with the full method you used to come to that answer, including the method you use to find the altitude. Not just the formula, the whole method, in a form that can be scrutinised properly, and fairly( not a word you subscribe to)
I will give you a tolerance of 2 degrees, and a timescale of a week, this week in fact. I have measured and photographed the necessary sunrise for you, today. I will post all the details on TMA just as soon as you have posted yours.
There you have it. Get out of that one.
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