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John Michell lecture
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Andy Norfolk
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Re: John Michell lecture
May 05, 2016, 17:00
Nigel Swift wrote "If you mean he patently saw things that weren't there by being careless with the evidence I'd agree. (Rubbing posts were not put there for cattle "I'd imagine" is a classic example. Suddenly, the number of stones in a supposed "ley" is greatly increased, and all without the aid of an ounce of critical thinking!)"
Of course you may not have meant that John Michell's alignments were not credible, or that alignments in general were not credible. The use of the inverted commas around "leys" suggests scepticism, but you may not have meant that either.
You also wrote "What is the nature of a "contribution" to ley lines? Can one make a contribution to goblins?" I really don't know what you meant there.
Tiompan wrote "The problems with original conception of ley lines I thought old hat and everyone would bbe aware of that ."

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