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John Michell lecture
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Re: John Michell lecture
May 05, 2016, 17:59
Andy Norfolk wrote:
And by the way I don't mind what people believe about alignments, but I don't think John Michell deserves to be maligned.

Actually Andy nobody deserves to be maligned if they don't agree. We have had many enthusiastic members here in the past and present who have been ridiculed and cynically humiliated because their hobby, whether it be ley lines, dowsing, crop circles, ghosts, UFO's etc don't fit in with our resident 'experts' views. It's not enough for them to 'put the hobbyist straight' then let it lie, but to grind them into submission by post after post cynically hammering their point home. If someone has a hobby that they are enjoying, then yes, this is a discussion group so we all have our say, but once you've had that say shut the f*ck up and give that person a break. Nobody here is an expert in any of this stuff but certain members probably spend their nights googeling away to arm themselves up for the next days onslaught on some poor mug to make them sound like they actually know something, when all the time they are using someone else's work. To balance that up we also have a few left (the rest departed long ago) that are sensible and bring interesting ideas and discussion to the table. I have no time for the others and of course they won't have any time for me but that's no hardship. The big difference is that I have a life and get immense satisfaction out of my hobbies whether they are understood by everyone or not and will support others with theirs. Right that's me done. See you around.
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