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John Michell lecture
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Re: John Michell lecture
May 19, 2016, 11:25
I only wish I could I could have had the opportunity to honour the bet .
You evaded it at every turn, where is the mention of referee , see below .

Maybe English is your second language but why does it take umpteen repeats and you still don't get it .

Possibly best to take each sentence at a time , re-read until fully understood and it may become clear .

There is no secret formula , you may even know that ,although it is clear you don't understand it from your various comments .

A week ago I provided a challenge that set out what I would do .You were given the opportunity to provide a site , I could have asked for an independent referee to do the choosing but allowed you to choose the site .A referee was necessary to confirm data and hold the bet ( I wasn’t doing this for nothing if it concerned you ).
You suggested your garden and I assented .
You then evaded providing the site of garden and made no mention of the problem of finding a referee and the problem about them accessing the unknown spot and holding the dosh .
More days passed with no movement on you providing the detail then you commented that challenge was “idiotic “ and you had another idea .
Until this point you had entirely evaded the challenge .

I’m the one doing the work ,you don’t tell me what to do .
If I want to tell you something , I will .
I won’t tell you somethings , just because you asked .
I will gladly tell you somethings ,but only as long as you pay ,this only applies to a very few people , I would give the same info to others freely .

To show the extent of your lies and due to your evasion ,I extended the challenge to multiple sites that had never been previously surveyed and all open to checking from multiple referees .
You didn’t respond .
I now assume that there is no way you could face the challenge and certainly not back up the lies with dosh .
The challenge remains open but as you have evaded it , what will still come from it is real data and no input /dosh from you .
First up , looks like a possible solstice alignment , i.e. the all important point , that the axis of the monument is probably aligned to the solstice .
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