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John Michell lecture
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Re: John Michell lecture
May 18, 2016, 12:51
The only one who is hiding is you .
You have provided nothing to support empty claims , (nothin new there ).
To prove you wrong and get you out of pocket you were offered a challenge .
"What I will gladly do for you ,is take a bet ,you suggest a site and I will tell you where the sun will rise or set as seen from the site or the alt ,to the same tolerance as is usually expected from astro calc. A referee can hold the £100 and check the test ."
For 6 days you evaded it ,even called it "idiotic " and made no attempt to come to to an agreement with a referee .
For the umpteenth time .
There is no secret in finding the horizon ,there are many methods all available on the web and in the literature and I have expained it here and elsewhere .You even say you know how to do it yourself .
My data is freely available to anyone who asks ,I usually append most examples with telling others that all they have to do is ask .
You have to pay because you are such an arse .

What your request highlights is your ignorance about the subject and ability to think clearly about the methodology .
What matters is getting the right answer , there are various methods of arriving at that answer , I could use A confirm with it with B and tell you I used C . You wouldn't be able to tell the difference .I could also say that I dowsed the correct answer .
For someone wh ocouldn't even tell R about their "insights" or contents of their "book" or provide any data whatsoever to their support inferiority based beliefs ,it seems an odd request .
You also fail entirely to answer any questions that show how idiotic you are being e.g. the recent ones "Then you suggested I copied other calcs and slightly modified them to make them appear to be mine , you couldn’t support that either , but more importantly , it gives us an insight into your character and thinking . How about the ridiculously wrong horizon from the theodolite survey at Bryn Celli Ddu ,if I was merely copying it why did I point out it that it was so wrong ,nobody else had noticed it ,how do explain that ?
And of course there is your problem about explaining all the examples that nobody had provided the detail for , like the Silbury sun roll , the “wheretheplace” horizons problem , Michells error which was quite a bit out wrong and hence not a modification and countless examples mentioned here and elsewhere which nobody had previously provided the data for ,and most importantly had been shown to be correct ,and were also often appended with “anyone who wants the data do ask “ How do you explain them ?

It looks I will just have to prove you wrong ,yet again , with the latest more comprehensive challenge .
Put your money where your mouth is .
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