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John Michell lecture
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Re: John Michell lecture
May 15, 2016, 17:55
Once again, no response, just more bluster. I guess I will just have to guess as to how you came by your figures, as you just won't come clean about that.(not the ones from your challenge though. Just how long does it take to work out a simple equation) Is there a reason you don't want your methods scrutinised(or whoevers methods you are using) It's beginning to get a bit suspicious now. Maybe you don't really use mortal means at all.
I have given this some thought, and as to your true methods, I was inclining towards a scrying bowl and your psychic powers, noting how you like to put up smoke screens and the like, over protesting as you do, but I'm not fooled, then again, maybe not. My personal favourite though, and please tell me this is true, George is actually an alias, and you are in fact Granny Weatherwax. You get your info by doing a bit of borrowing. Naturally, in Scotland, it would be as an Eagle. What with you being so majestic and all.
That wouldn't work in Wales of course, you'd get shot. No, Probably as a scrawny old crow, just to fit in, all incognito like, and you do like to Crow, don't you ?

My shadow has grown during our little chat George. How's yours?

If you really are Granny Weatherwax then you do know this has just been one huge joke, don't you?
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