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John Michell lecture
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Re: John Michell lecture
Jun 30, 2016, 13:40
tiompan wrote:
cerrig wrote:
Here you go George. Have a stab at this for May 17th 2016.

51.82751N -3.O222W

I will post the correct answer either tomorrow or next week.

You seem to have forgotten the content of the challenge i.e. "What I will gladly do for you ,is take a bet ,you suggest a site and I will tell you where the sun will rise or set as seen from the site or the alt ,to the same tolerance as is usually expected from astro calc. A referee can hold the £100 and check the test ."

Note "I will tell you where the sun will set or rise " not you tell me where to look . I may decide to look at May 17 or not .
Further ,there is still no mention of a referee .How can they confirm what happened a few weeks ago by tomorrow or next week or receive cheques by that time ?

Is that really your “garden “ ?
Or did you just look for a local high building ?

You are obviously not serious ,and it's a pathetic attempt at humour .
If the co-ordinates are correct , then the building blocks any view of the sun rise on May 17 . You would find yourself staring at that wall for a long time . Got to the back of the “ garden “ and you will catch a glimpse of the sun but that is a different set of co-ordinates .

Of course the building wasn’t always there and that is what matters for archaeoastronomy ,it is possible to find out where the sun would have risen from the co-ordinates but a theodolite wouldn’t be much use .

Come back when you are serious and face the challenge .
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