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Another Election
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Re: Another Election
May 04, 2017, 08:04
thesweetcheat wrote:
I have, just as I did when I replied to your point about Yugoslavia. The point is this is a discussion board and people can choose to read and reply to whatever they wish. It's not down to you to set the agenda that I must follow, or vice versa. You want to talk about Greece, fine. I don't.

As I said several times, in my opinion Brexit is a smokescreen and this unnecessary election is simple opportunism from May. She is using classic Lynton Crosby tactics but you don't want to hear that maybe you're being manipulated by the media.

Sorry tsc but this is starting to get boring. You are acting like the soldier on parade who is the only one in step much to his mothers pleasure! This 'manipulated by the media' is your latest attempt at getting everyone who disagrees with you to about turn - it isn't going to happen. You have as much chance of changing peoples views as we have of changing yours and I respect you for it, but PLEASE don't say you are not trying to because you are 100%.
And you say 'The point is this is a discussion board and people can choose to read and reply to whatever they wish' yet when others choose not to reply we are accused of flouncing. Something not quite right there don't you think?
I appreciate all views but the hatred, vitriol and lies being put about and the disgraceful comments being said about our lady PM is disgraceful. She came into office and was immediately confronted (her choice) by the Brexit negotiations and all the hurdles that were purposely placed in her way by those that would not accept our opting out - AKA the losers!
While all of this is going on she also has a country to run with all the other problems you have kindly furnished us with to deal with as well - and have a family life to boot. She is one hell of a courageous woman that should be getting the full backing of the British People to see her and us through these Brexit negotiations. Once that is done you can be sure she will then seriously set about dealing with all the other things that concern you and I, it just needs time
In the meantime instead of criticising all the time why don't you man up and appreciate what she is trying to achieve for our country, remembering that she is a lady. She is one hell of a woman to take on these challenges but will get us there with or without your help, something that no other politician (male or female) around at the moment that I can see would be capable of doing!
As I said, I respect your views and I would like you to respect ours and our equal powers of reckoning. None of us are stupid so why don't we just agree to disagree and move on.
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