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Another Election
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Re: Hate is a cul-de-sac
May 01, 2017, 14:00
thesweetcheat wrote:
My thinking on that is simply that May didn't need to call the election for Brexit. She has a majority, Labour have made it clear they won't block her and she said to Sturgeon that the country does not need the uncertainty of another vote (in the context of IndyRef2 obviously).

She has simply seen this as an opportunity to exploit a weak opposition trailing in the polls and give herself five years with a bigger majority to push through her real agenda. We already know from her time as Home Secretary that she is intent on reducing rights and freedoms and giving greater powers to the security services. The Telegraph is now pushing the need to scrap clean energy policies in favour of cheap because that's what we need in post-Brexit Britain apparently. The NHS is dying on its feet as tjj's stark post shows all too clearly. To my mind this is simply opportunism, Brexit has presented the opportunity to redraw the balance and to legitimise many long-desired Tory policies on the basis of post-Brexit necessity.

Our ability to negotiate with EU27 will not be affected by the size of May's majority, but rather by the ineptness of Davies et al. The other issue lurking in the background is the ongoing investigations into Tory election fraud during GE2015, this represents an opportunity to bury that too.

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When IndyRef1 was decided it was promised that if Scotland stupidly Voted No it would stay in the EU. I only ask the British Govt to keep its vow. They will say the EU ref decided things but there was no mention of that in the IndyRef so they are liars until proved otherwise.
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