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phallus dei
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Re: something else to sign
Mar 09, 2017, 17:19
Howburn Digger wrote:
dhajjieboy wrote:
Oh dear !!!
This just won an Oscar !!!
The Horror !!!
The Lies !!!


Have you seen the footage of the unhelmeted ISIS "White Helmets" removing a child's head with a blunt knife against his wishes? The kid looks about ten years old. Channel Four later that day broadcast a clip clearly showing the same log-pile of human excreta from the beheading footage being interviewed in their White Helmets.

The log pile should have had an Oscar for their Brass Necks. The clip is there if you wish to seek it out. Channel Four removed the interview clip from their site after the direct link was pointed out. The child is clearly terrified and screams a lot while they struggle using a blunt knife to take his head off. They then photograph one another with his head. It is done on the back of a truck. The reg plate is clear in the Channel Four clip filmed later on that day when they have their White Helmets back on.


I haven't seen the Channel Four clip, but here is another clip about the event in question, showing the overlap between Western-backed "humanitarians" and the vilest scum on earth. I actually included this clip in a previous post, but of course dhajjiboy ignored it. Maybe others will see it, though:

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