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Re: It seems to me
Jan 31, 2017, 22:03

Corbyn has infuriated me at times, but I see what he's up against.
More creeps around him using Brexit as another excuse to oust him.
Nothing more.
Only this article explains why that's not so swift of them to try to do so.
I don't understand the love for the EU.
People were cheering Greece for their anti-austerity stance and that very austerity was being imposed by the EU, but many of the same people cheerlead the EU anyways.
Hell the EU even punished the Greek govt for awarding their pensioners Xmas bonuses.
The chief Brexit negotiator in Brussels was speaking to Matt Frei on LBC today, expressing his desire for the EU to arrive at a point of no longer having to consult any of those other member states at all. Actually saying they 'get in the way'.
You can listen to it if you want.
I have always maintained, no one in the UK will vote for a govt hell bent on rescinding workers rights, and no one will tolerate EU nationals being kicked out.
Well on the last point I am sure a few would want that, but the majority, not a chance.
And we really need to stop the lazy rhetoric around the motives of 'leave voters'.
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