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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: something else to sign
Feb 07, 2017, 21:36
Sin Agog wrote:
We joined in 1973 and voted to remain in the first nationwide referendum shortly afterwards in 1975, so we pretty much did vote to join the EU.

But the moaners can't have it both ways. Heath was a compromised idiot (at best) and we all know it. His Tory government lost the vote the year after we were railroaded into Europe. No-one had voted to join the EEC

In 1975 out of over 40.5 Million eligible voters only 17.3 Million voted "Yes" to stay in the EU. That is only about 2/5ths (40%) of the eligible voting population. Yet we stayed because only 8.5 Million of the eligible voters voted to leave. No-one had ever had the chance to vote to join in the first place.

That's Democracy I suppose. 1975 style.

But in 2016 when there were 46.5 Million registered voters only 16.1 million voted to stay. So that's only around 1/3rd (33%) of the eligible voting population wanted to cuddle up to Merkel, Euro Turmoil and the TPP Hillary was hoping to shovel up our ass (who knows - maybe the 1/3rd's property portfolios in Provence were suddenly gonna cost them tax). However a whopping 17.4 Million majority of the remaining 30.4 Million eligible voters voted to leave.

So the "leave" vote won. That's Democracy 2016. Same style.

At no point ever in any of the two referendii was there ever a majority of Eligible British Voters in favour of EEC Membership. There was no Democratic entry into the EEC by Britain. Heath was squeezed and we've been lied to ever since. Federalism, Corporations and War. See it for what it was.

We voted to leave. It is over. Bye bye EU.
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