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Edited Feb 02, 2017, 09:29
Re: It seems to me
Feb 02, 2017, 09:07
Quite. The bigots doth protest too much that it was about anything but race (this in a nation where 1m people voted BNP ffs in an election with a staggeringly poor turn out). And those suckered into responding to unexamined prejudice will cling to any spurious economic argument to maintain the illusion of righteousness.

That's not everyone but it was enough people for those who voted out in good faith to be now seeking an intellectual get out of jail card for fear of being tarred with Nigel's brush. Or they tough it out "good old Trump sticking it to the Muslims' etc.

The only succor I can take is that the Brexit mob running the grand con can't put people on the streets in any numbers. Never have. Never will.

And I say this as the grandson of a migrant who was locked up twice in this country for carrying an undesirable passport despite having been here since the previous century and being even more undesirable in his former homeland. My Hornsey born grandmother had her nationality actually withdrawn between 17 and 47 for being married to an alien. They knew all about mob justice at the hands of ordinary working patriots. Businesses burned down, innocents beaten in the street, children sent to relatives under assumed names for their own protection. In London. You think it wont happen to you and then it does and then it's too late.
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