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Re: something else to sign
Mar 07, 2017, 13:39
Bashar Al-assad could have stepped down at any time...{a hateful and unthinkable thing for a dynastic asshole}
Instead he has chosen to align himself with Russia and North Korea,and overseen thru the use of chemical weaponry, the deaths and evacuation of Millions of his own peoples.
And why not? Fuck it...let the rest of the world have to deal with the fall-out.
I don't think that ole' Ass-wad is extending the welcome back home{to what?...4...5...Million of his own kith and kin} with open arms any time soon....do you?
What he perpetrated on his own people during the Arab spring protests was a signpost to all that were listening...
You, as always, are full of shit.
I guess this is the part where you will post a link to a "well written" RT{russian tv} news link and tell us {once again} that it is a Reuters news link, proving that the U.S. is the architect of this human exodus.
Yeah....i know, it's all the United States fault.
But seeing as you have a proven track record of posting false reporting, i think your case is going to be hard to prove.
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