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Edited Feb 23, 2017, 10:35
Re: something else to sign
Feb 23, 2017, 10:34
sanshee wrote:
drewbhoy wrote:

sanshee wrote:

As for 'unionist parties' though... they do have a spectrum of ideas on immigration and how to deal with child refugees.
It's a very unfortunate term that's polluting Scottish politics right now.
We can do without it, polarising, unhelpful, dishonest.
Sturgeon says she'll take one in, magic, that's only 349 to house;)
Oh Yvette Cooper too, so that makes it 348.
Let's not hold our breath though:(

Forgive me if I'm wrong, spoke to Eilidh Whiteford a couple of weeks ago and I had thought the intention was that Scotland would take them all of the children. To save children is never unhelpful imo and I know that is your opinion as well.

No, saving children isn't unhelpful, that would be an odd thing to think.
If you spoke to an MP and got it from them that the 350 are coming to Scotland then it must be true.
Haven't read that one though.
Is there an article or something saying so?

No that was just in conversation at a music for kids thing I was involved with. But will have a look for something more definite later.
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