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Edited Feb 01, 2017, 12:30
Re: It seems to me
Feb 01, 2017, 07:01
sanshee wrote:


Corbyn has infuriated me at times, but I see what he's up against.
More creeps around him using Brexit as another excuse to oust him.
Nothing more.
Only this article explains why that's not so swift of them to try to do so.
I don't understand the love for the EU.
People were cheering Greece for their anti-austerity stance and that very austerity was being imposed by the EU, but many of the same people cheerlead the EU anyways.
Hell the EU even punished the Greek govt for awarding their pensioners Xmas bonuses.

That may be because a) people don't know what the ECB is and what it does and b) the story (as told in the UK) focused more on it being a problem of conditions imposed by the IMF and by individual nation state creditors (primarily Germany) rather than the EU as a political collective. The Greeks being vitriolic about the EU's role was reported but there was little commentary from UK media that painted Syriza in a good light while the Germans were made to look like heartless bullies. Don't remember the debts to France and Spain (and their positions) ever being mentioned. Let alone Ireland, Italy and the other potential candidates for having billions in funny money showered over their economy.

I expect that with the Brexit vote a year away Cameron decided it best to keep shtum on one of those rare stories that made EU scpetics on both sides of the spectrum happy - "Commies given billions of YOUR money to sit on their arses" OR "heartless technocrats and free market loons punish innocent victims of ruling class corruption". Cameron decided it best to make noises about governments having to pay their way unlike evil Labour etc etc.

Lest we forget that the only British MPs to show up regularly to pro Greece events in London that summer were Corbyn, Abbott and Lucas. Plus Owen Jones of course. No unanimity of approach on the EU among that cast list.

So yes I found it mystifying too but then again, despite the creation of economic punishment battalions within the EU, I voted "remain" on the basis that I wasn't in the business of giving succor to racists and racism-lite blood and soil types. Like the pro Brexit people happy to take any risk with the economy to stay in I was happy to take any risk with the EU's instincts towards Federalism in order to put a final nail in UKIP's serial deposit-losing coffin. The poorer members of society are always at the mercy of a ruling class whatever the -ism. It's the nature of capitalism itself. Demolishing the EU takes us nowhere nearer to fixing that problem. It actually takes us further away. Also people being put on trains, boats and planes to face God knows what fate (which is now far more likely to happen than not and has already been happening on a small scale) tends to be more the specialisation of those who hate the hardest and those who hated the hardest certainly won the referendum day whatever gloss you would prefer to put on it.
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