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Edited Feb 01, 2017, 15:58
Re: It seems to me
Feb 01, 2017, 15:43
To applaud people voting "leave" because they feel patronised and because the leave vote was a chance to throw a fire extinguisher off the metaphorical roof of society onto whoever was stupid enough to be standing underneath and going about their business strikes me as highly dangerous. If that was the case then they've been had. Again. Though the difference between this and all the other occasions they have been had is that this time it opens the door wide to all kinds of misery for folks in the exact same boat as them, suffering from the same problems and often worse but now exposed to redefinition as less than rather than equal to.

It's like the armchair revolutionary fools that abstained two GEs ago thinking they were protesting Blair and Iraq when all they were doing was putting the people they claim to care about in mortal danger. And lo people died and are still dying. And will continue to die in a myriad of ways as their rights, services and protections are eroded. But hey that's ok cos we're out from under the imaginary European jackboot and we've got all manner sovereignty to keep us warm. BTW I hated the Blair government and voted Corbyn twice but didn't vote Corbyn to hand the Tories a free pass for the rest of the century.

I guess ultimately it depends whether you see the exploitation of the working class as something that you can fix or something you can mitigate given a long enough go on the tiller. The leavers just handed the Tories a 50 year reign to do what the fuck they like and in just a single generation's time those same Tories can happily blame the "excesses" of their former leaders in forcing austerity through like so many Politburo twats decrying Stalin's "excesses" while still wiping the blood off their own boots. They will decry it and continue the same policy via different means. It will be endless and it will be merciless but you'll still be able to fill a carrier bag in Primark for 50p.
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