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Edited Feb 01, 2017, 14:58
Re: It seems to me
Feb 01, 2017, 14:57
Voting 'leave' was no more voting for Nigel Farage than voting 'remain' was voting for George Osborne.
I did not vote Farage, I am sure you did not vote Osborne.
Those two are just the difference between shite and excrement.
Anyway, Farage was on Loose Women the other day FFS, we really have nothing to worry about from *him*.
And as you say the coffers are drying up.
There are some elements of the press and elsewhere that just-does-not-get-it.
We are not all 'EU citizens', but everyone is told they are and that they ought to be ashamed for even questioning it.
There are millions of adults in the UK who have neither a driving license or a passport.
They barely have the means to move freely from one town to another let alone 'around Europe'.
The ones who are referred to as 'the poor', and pitied to death. Sort of. When it suits. Yer Owen Jones is one of the biggest culprits there I'm afraid.
Now does leaving the EU mean 'the poor' will suddenly have more money etc etc...
No, of course not. And I am sure millions voted leave who did have a driving licence and a passport etc.
But it ain't that simple, people have been condescended to and patronised for so long something had to give.
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