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Edited Mar 08, 2017, 13:45
Re: something else to sign
Mar 07, 2017, 19:46
dhajjieboy wrote:
Bashar Al-assad could have stepped down at any time...{a hateful and unthinkable thing for a dynastic asshole}
Instead he has chosen to align himself with Russia and North Korea,and overseen thru the use of chemical weaponry, the deaths and evacuation of Millions of his own peoples.
And why not? Fuck it...let the rest of the world have to deal with the fall-out.
I don't think that ole' Ass-wad is extending the welcome back home{to what?...4...5...Million of his own kith and kin} with open arms any time soon....do you?
What he perpetrated on his own people during the Arab spring protests was a signpost to all that were listening...
You, as always, are full of shit.
I guess this is the part where you will post a link to a "well written" RT{russian tv} news link and tell us {once again} that it is a Reuters news link, proving that the U.S. is the architect of this human exodus.
Yeah....i know, it's all the United States fault.
But seeing as you have a proven track record of posting false reporting, i think your case is going to be hard to prove.

Your understanding of Syria is completely wrong. Here are a few sources. I doubt if you will read / watch any of them, but perhaps there are others on this site who do not stubbornly cling to their government's propaganda despite an abundance of evidence that demonstrates otherwise.

Syria before the Arab Spring was a relatively progressive country. Yes, it was a dictatorship. What Arab country in the ME isn't? But it was multicultural, had established rights for women, allowed for religious freedom. Here is a documentary on school life in Syria in 2011 (before we decided to overthrow Assad) on BBC:

Assad was targeted for removal because he didn't agree to a Qatar-funded pipeline that would weaken Russia's ability to send gas to Europe. Here is a source from the Guardian :

The chemical attack that almost provoked Obama to launch a direct attack against Syria was not committed by Assad, but by rebels who were funded by Turkey, the US, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Here is a source from the London Review of Books:

At worst, the US either directly funded ISIS, or, at best, looked the other way while knowing that its allies were funding ISIS. Here is John Kerry speaking to anti-Assad Syrian expats in the US, saying that American policy was to let ISIS grow to put pressure on Assad. Unfortunately (for the US, not for the Syrian people), Russia came in. Here is Kerry speaking, cited on the Off-Guardian

Western media has been consistently biased in its reporting of Syrian events. Those who want to know the truth need to look beyond the standard corporate-controlled sources. One source of education for me was Syrian Girl Partisan, who has an excellent channel on youtube. Here is one eye-opening clip by her on Western media hypocrisy :

The destruction of Syria is perhaps the greatest crime of our time. The destruction wasn't caused by Assad.
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