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phallus dei
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Re: something else to sign
Mar 08, 2017, 14:22
dhajjieboy wrote:
You are quite correct phallus dei{Cock God????}, You and Howburn Digger are 2 of the very last resources that I would turn to/employ on a personal quest for truth.
But hey, everybody has got to believe in something.
I'm sure that Assad will be standing right there with open arms when the 4/5 million Syrians out on diaspora come marching home.

I prefer to think of the English translation of my internet name as "God's Cock," but if you want to think of it as "Cock God," go ahead. God and the Phallus have been recognized as sources of truth for millennia. (Switch that to Goddess and Yoni if you prefer; it makes no difference symbolically)

You are right, "everybody has got to believe in something." However, since the Enlightenment, Western culture has tried to ground its beliefs in what is actually verifiable, as opposed to merely intuitive. It's not just a case of "whatever we believe" but which beliefs can be demonstrated as corresponding to the external world that we all share. Only those truths can be called objective.

The objective truth in the case of Syria is that the 5 million refugees, as well as the 400+ thousand that have died, were all living in Syria before the war started, maybe not "happily" but certainly better than they are now, considering that their country has been destroyed by foreign-backed terrorism.
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