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Young, Nazi and Proud
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Moon Cat
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Re: oh come on!
Nov 05, 2002, 19:12
Perhaps I didnt explain myself very well.
What I meant Mr Gibbon, was I was shocked at how
someone so clearly intent on presenting a reasonable image for something most rightthinking folks can see is pretty fucked up odious shit, so easily revealed the depths of their evil.
Having read the interview, which was basically a preview of the programme the week before, which included the aforementioned stuff about crushing people (including his ex girfriend...nice) and breaking them down, so I knew a lot of what was coming....It was still a genuine shock to see the words fall out of the twats mouth. When the BNP are so concerned about their rhetoric coming over as reasonable it was, as you say, kind of gratyfying to have them exposed for the scum they are. But, even so, to hear someone state quite plainly that they are, "evil" then forgive me for being a little taken aback.

Especially the stuff about breaking people so the take their own lives so there's no blood on your hands. This was more than just a matter of articulating and trying to defend revolting politcs;
it was what I would regard to be the very core of evil revealed and I found that chilling. It was more than just oh yeah he's a twat..it was he is really fucked up, dangerous and festering inside

I missed the first half of the show cos I was out, but it mentioned in the article, by his bizarrely doting parents, that collet had been bullied at school. Yet another bedwetting Nazi takes revenge on the world, hate mongering 'cos someone stole his dinner money.

And the parents!?!! Holy shit but that was pretty disturbing too!
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