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Re: schizothreadic
Nov 05, 2002, 14:10
>> his viewpoint is one where he feels spelling is
>> irrelevant and unnecessary as long as your
>> message is understood

Too fecking true. And the point of making sure you're understood is precisely what I am talking about. I do not know a great deal about GJ's social background or of the ,more loose terms he might employ. The same applies in reverse. So, if we were both to talk the way we talk everyday to our close friends and family then misunderstandings are bound to occur. However, if we were to speak in a uniform manner (i.e. what used to be called the Queen's English - and I'll probably get linched for that one later) then misunderstandings would not occur.

The same occurs in Germany. Different regions all have their own dialects, almost different languages. My Bavarian partner can not understand a word my friend from the Mosel is saying when she is speaking to her mother! When the Mosel girl and my partner speak together the speak proper German. Yes some general slang terms are used but if they were to speak 'Mosel' and 'Bavaria' to each other they'd have no chance. Might as well put an Inuit in a room with an Australian Aborigine and expect them to find a solution for world poverty.

We must also remember that there are people who enter these forums from abroad, non-native English speakers and we also have somewhat of a responsibility to these people.
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