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Re: schizothreadic
Nov 05, 2002, 14:34
I'm sorry GJ. Did I not congratulate you on stating the flaming obvious? Isn't silence on a matter usually understood to mean acceptance of a point and an inclination not to follow that line any further? No? See how easily misunderstandings can arise if they are not spoken out loud, clearly in a language that everyone can follow.

But next time, try countering with the word 'cool'. To be a 'cool person' used to mean that one was not too warm and not too cold, but now it has a different definition as we all know. Unfortunately, this does not have the impact of throwing the word 'gay' into an argument does it?

Yes dictionaries take time to catch up - and sometimes they take too long - but words have to evolve a constant, steady meaning before they can be defined in the dictionary. Dictionaries do not dictate the language to us, we dictate it to the dictionary. That statement whole heartedly supports your side of the issue and I whole heartedly agree. BUT! all I said was that in a formal situation 'unaccepted' uses of a word should be avoided for your own protection more than anything.

Do you not agree that there are people out there that get really picky at the first sign of them losing an argument? Surely you have encountered these tossers (i.e. people who throw things). All I said was that in order not to give these people the slightest little thing to grab hold of in desperation you should avoid some usages of some words in certain situations.
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