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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Re: schizothreadic
Nov 05, 2002, 13:35
The example of "gay" is used most often because it is the most obvious and most well known. I use it therefore, for the same reason i used the adjective "schizophrenic" because it is likely to convey the idea i want to the most people... the purpose of communication.

There are numerous formal situations (i'm thinking here specifically of writing philosophy essays at Uni... but there are a multitude of others) in which words are very deliberately, and very specifically given meanings *outside* their dictionary definition. This academic colloquialism (for that is what it is) usually requires you to pre-define how you intend to use the word (e.g. "other") in a way that does not appear in the dictionary. I can't think of any more "formal" discussion than an academic treatise - yet i assume you accept this is a valid use of language... indeed an inevitable one.

It is the same with vole crap on a culture-wide scale. Except, because we are all aware of the pre-definitions just by virtue of living in the culture; one assumes they don't require re-stating.
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