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from that same website:
Nov 05, 2002, 11:53
"Yet another example of unnecessary revisionism is the two line dismissal of the return to London of B&H in January 1994, when according to WN "anti fascists gave the authorities little choice but to cancel the event." In fact, while generally not as acclaimed, as either 'The Main Event' or the 'Battle of Waterloo' encounters, events around 'The Little Driver' pub in Bow, E. London proved to be the final nail in the B&H coffin. And as a by-product the beginning of the end for Cl8.

As soon as night fell a 150 strong AFA stewards group advanced on the pub. Initially, about 50 C18 emerged to do battle, but whether they were unnerved by a flare hitting a bridge overhead, or the 'Zulu' chant of the menacing mob, they broke ranks and were there for the taking. A complete rout was prevented, by the intervention of mounted and baton wielding police from a station opposite and the attack lost momentum. Leading C18 figures utterly humiliated, were seen begging for police protection, one even jumping unsolicited into the back of a cop's car in an effort to get out of the area."

that was really scary! We'd been waiting in a pub in Islington, finally got the call to go to Bow, steamed out of the station, flares going off, coppers beating us back - piled down a side road, and all these gates were unbolted and all these police horses poured out!

shocking. we were all rounded up and taken to Earls Court, where we went to another pub, and watched the ANL being beaten up by the cops ...

happy days indeed

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