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Re: schizothreadic
Nov 05, 2002, 13:55
whoaaaah! ducks velvet glove...
wish i could type as quick as i think.. talking of which, my use of language has changed since being on hh, certainly the written usage anyway.. because i'm so slow on keyboard i've had to learn to pick words that encapsulate and describe the other ten words i want to say.. my husband/flatmate is badly dyslexic and i've spent years rewritin his work just to make it understandable plus grammatical and spelling corrections.. he's always had problems communicating in general, language not being one of his fortes and sometimes i have wondered if his dyslexia has somehow stunted his linguistic evolution? he hates to talk, full stop.. hmmm was it s'thing i said?!
anyway, his viewpoint is one where he feels spelling is irrelevant and unnecessary as long as your message is understood..coming from a girls school where i prided myself on my spelling skills i always found this attitude lazy and frustrating, being so caught up with the reverent beauty and inaccessibility of " language".. 13 yrs on, bizarrely , i find that i can now see his point.. still have to wade through his feckin werk tho!! wonder if dylan thomas was a chatty bloke?! xxx
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