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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Re: Rita, Sue and Bob too ...
Nov 05, 2002, 15:15
Depends on the context, i suppose. My grandfather, who worked in a British shipyard during WW2, would fly off the handle if he heard an Irishman referred to as "paddy" or "mick". Presumably it reminded him too much of whatever bigotry he encountered during the 40s.

On the other hand, i myself use the word "paddy" to refer, mostly, to the Irish abroad (which means i self-apply it). And it's not *just* the context in which it's used - my grandad was rabidly opposed to the word's use even self-effacingly self-applied. Whereas if i ever heard anyone using it as a "put down", i would merely be amused (the idea that reminding me i'm Irish is in any way insulting is just hilarious)... not that i'd like the fact that someone wanted to insult me in the first place; it's just not a very good insult is all.

Like taunting people with hissed comments about how good looking they are, or how wonderful their singing voice is ;->
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