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Young, Nazi and Proud
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Re: oh come on!
Nov 05, 2002, 10:27
inadequate prick indeed! funny thing is i didn't find him or his cohorts the least bit scary.. everything he said was so utterly ridiculous, his grasp on history and politics so wobbly , it was hard to see anything particularly threatening.. he simply seemed like one seriously fucked up dood to the extent that on occasions i almost felt sorry for him.. all that crap about breaking people was certainly worrying but he was so obviously way out of his depth, its hard to imagine anyone other than the other bnp twats listening to a word he says.. oh and loved the bit where he talked about the differences between europeans, and those pasta eating frenchies!!! hilarious! how did he ever manage to get a degree when he is patently thick as pigshit?! says a lot about our " institutes of higher education" in my book.. frankly i reckon he's more a danger to himself and his immediate family than anyone else.. i blame the parents!! talk about the blind leading the blind!! no offence!!
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