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Re: schizothreadic
Nov 05, 2002, 13:54
As I said ... during everyday goings-on of course colloquialisms and modern usage of words is what communicating is all about.

Having said that, I would, in certain circumstances, rather be sure that what I say is not going to be misinterpretted than appear cool, hip or with-it and be misunderstood.

Add to that, It is better to be certain of being able to make your point without the diversion of having to explain your useage of a word when some anal/picky twat decides that his only hope is to make you sound and look like a complete cunt over a word usage.

There you go. How can he make me 'look like a complete cunt'? Well, he'd have to have a very detailed anatomical diagram for a start, otherwise he might fuck up at the first hurdle, which is, 'complete'. The rest of the challenge may be a little messy.

The predefinition of an unusual word usage in a document, such as a thesis, is precisely to stop the above happening. You are defining a language of your own - for the context of that document ONLY, not for the world to understand. You are, by making that definition, admittedly using a word in a way that some (or a lot of) people will not understand and therefore is actually counter to your arguments.
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