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Nice Jazz Recommendations.....you know, a bit like Kind Of Blue
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Lonesome Cowboy Bill
Lonesome Cowboy Bill
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Re: Er no, more like A LOVE SUPREME
Dec 03, 2009, 10:05
Dog 3000 wrote:
If "Love Supreme" is really more you're style, I bet you'll like that Pharoah TAUHID CD! Try KARMA and THEMBI next from that dude. He is perhaps the most Trane-like of the post-Trane guys (played in Trane's band in the later days.)

I love TAUHID!! Purchased it on ebay, arrived yesterday, on the ipod for this morning. Wow! It's a thing of real beauty, harsh at times but those gorgeous parts afterwards are soul strokingly good. The guitar tone reminds me of Lou Reed and the VU. Second track Japan made me have Street Hassle pop into my head because of the guitar sound. It's the shortest track and the reviews I've read kind of dismiss it after the full on first track but I love it. I'll try KARMA next. I borrowed BLACK UNITY from the library but that seems a harder piece of work to like.

I've skipped thru ASCENSION but that seems like a struggle to listen to. One to be appreciated rather than liked when played. But I need to give them all time....

Re: your helpful post about MODAL JAZZ. I think that's the sound I'm into and liking the most, plus the electric Miles era which is the standout for me. Earlier jazz just seems too dull for my liking, pleasant but just a bit 'meh'. Cheers for the info!
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