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Nice Jazz Recommendations.....you know, a bit like Kind Of Blue
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Edited Dec 02, 2009, 23:04
Er no, more like A LOVE SUPREME
Dec 02, 2009, 23:01
If "Love Supreme" is really more you're style, I bet you'll like that Pharoah TAUHID CD! Try KARMA and THEMBI next from that dude. He is perhaps the most Trane-like of the post-Trane guys (played in Trane's band in the later days.)

For more juicy Coltrane -- well, really his "classic quartet" records from 1960-64 or so (including LOVE SUPREME) are about as Kindofblue-esque as anything you'll find (modal jazz featuring Coltrane on sax, that's pretty much what yer talkin about.) I am quite fond of COLTRANE PLAYS THE BLUES (don't worry, it's some kinda weird "eastern blues" not boring downhome honkytonk!) and IMPRESSIONS (also has Eric Dolphy). If you want to get into the ultimate of Trane's free jazz records, I love MEDITATIONS (which also has Pharoah Sanders) -- though that one's very "noisy and intense. (ASCENSION is another famous free jazz piece from that era, but I think it's more like a knockoff of Ornette's FREE JAZZ album, which is the place to start if you want to get into the REALLY "free" stuff.)

And you might dig Alice Coltrane too (had her own thread here recently; I like GALAXY WORLD, but need to study more.)

Ornette -- I still say CHANGE OF THE CENTURY is a better starter than SHAPE OF JAZZ TO COME, but if you really didn't get anything from the latter it might not matter. (Yeah, he's probably never written anything as catchy as "Lonely Woman".)

Mingus -- AH UM is not much like BLACK SAINT at all. The former is classic jazz, the latter is partly some weird ethno-ballet experiment. AH UM has some great TUNES as opposed to just being exotic jamming. Might be best to aim for a sampler of his career (or even just the 1950's), there are some good ones out there. This dude is MAJOR, if you like jazz at all I don't see how you can't help but love 'im! Great playing, but it starts with great writing. G-e-n-i-u-s alert!

Eric Dolphy -- you might like OUT TO LUNCH, it's very weird, but also sorta catchy and unique.

Sun Ra -- there was a great comp from about 1990 called OUT THERE A MINUTE, which was the first time I heard him & immediately impressed me. Probably out of print, but a great sampler if you can find it (and I think these are mostly alternate mixes and outtakes, so doesn't really duplicate his other albums much.)
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