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Labour to win? Surely not...
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Re: Labour to win? Surely not...
Jun 30, 2017, 08:58
Sanctuary wrote:
The worst scenario - a hung parliament!

Firstly though, let me congratulate the Labour party and all their supporters here for putting up such a good fight without actually winning. Without a doubt theirs was far better campaign than the conservatives who's leader was far too over confident. If she remains as our PM maybe she will have learnt to not be so casual about things in future. She took on all before her when continually being blocked into triggering Article 50 but let her own self-belief get the better of her by not campaigning forcefully enough.

I voted in this election with one aim in mind as you know - Brexit, because I believe the conservatives who already had their finger on the trigger, were well prepared to negotiate our way out of Europe - and I still do.

They are still there of course and as they no doubt will call upon the DUP, will have a party that also wanted out so that is a plus for them.

Whatever, they are still here and I hope they learn from their mistakes and looking at the long term - which we all have to - give us what the opposition were offering which they weren't, or we know what will happen next time!

That's my take on it anyway so will leave it at that and now stay silent, other than again say well done to the Labour supporters who got so close.

Well, well…

The lady fights back…and HAS learnt something.

How disappointing for all the people who despise and hate her even though she has had more to deal with over the last two months at least than any other PM in recent history – and that’s aside from the little task of just running our country. Of course it goes without saying that all her despisers could have done much better without getting out of their armchairs – but didn’t have to prove it of course!

If this was a game of Political Football this ‘Useless and Incompetent lady’ who was going to be replaced within two weeks, would now be 4-0 up on the ‘very competent and natural leader’ Jeremy Corbyn who claimed he would be PM in six months time.

Her supposedly split cabinet who were in turmoil and disarray and about to bin her, were in fact rallying around her and it was Corbyn’s lot that were split and in disarray. Three more frontbenchers sacked and another resigned last night after another beating! What a surprise – even though they were exactly like that leading up to the election!

A very canny and underrated lady who will lead us out of the EU far better than Corbyn and his motley crew ever could. She has my full support and backing on this as a true Brit.

I will be back in a further month to comment on what happened in the meantime – good or bad. No more to say for now so no point in asking.
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