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Re: Less and less dignity
Jun 12, 2017, 20:46
Caroline Lucas pulling no punches on Gove's new job:

Jayne Secker: Does it fill you with any joy, Caroline Lucas, that Michael Gove is returning to cabinet as Environment minister? Caroline Lucas: Well it probably won’t surprise you that there’s not much joy about this in the Green Party. He is almost uniquely unqualified for the post of Environment Secretary. This is a man who tried to stop young people learning about climate change- he tried to get rid of it from the geography curriculum- a man who tried to oppose better targets in terms of our ambitions on tackling climate change, someone who has talked about European environment legislation as this, you know, massive amount of red tape that he wants to get rid of. So this is obviously an appointment that is very convenient for Theresa May’s own personal shoring up, but it is certainly not in the best interests of the country. Secker: He describes himself as a ‘soft green’. Lucas: I can think of other descriptions that might not be quite so polite. But essentially this is not someone who has any kind of understanding of the severity of climate change. If he did he wouldn’t have been doing things like putting a levy- that was meant to be on fossil fuels- instead on renewable energy. That’s like putting an alcohol tax on fruit juice, it was a completely ridiculous thing to do.

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