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Edited Jun 13, 2017, 14:02
Re: Less and less dignity
Jun 13, 2017, 13:11
Interesting post HD, I didn't know that about Charles, suspect it was said some time ago and has the ring of princely privilege and petulance.

I'm very much against fox-hunting which only takes place in rural locations, simply because I've always considered it immoral to hunt a wild animal with dogs who then rip it to pieces. I accept they have to be humanely killed in certain circumstances to protect poultry and lambs. The fox is not the only animal who will kill a surplus of food - there is quite a long list. Whether it kills for fun is matter for debate. Domesticated cats do, as do ants and bottlenose dolphins, to mention just a few. And then there's humans of course. I came across an article in the that Unmentionable Rag Online written by a pest controller. He was writing exclusively about city foxes but says this about two 'types' of fox:

"The first is rural. He’s quiet, and shy, and lives by hunting rabbits and pheasants. In my line of work, killing them is tricky. They steer clear of cage traps because they are terrified of anything that smells of man. But that trait also makes them unlikely to attack humans.

The second is the town fox, a far more dangerous beast. He was born among men, grew up among them, and survives by stealing waste from rubbish bins or eating litter dropped in the streets.
You’ll often see him walking boldly around after dark, and if people are stupid enough to leave food out for him in their garden, he’ll happily take it.
To these professional scavengers, our modern towns and cities are like a banqueting table. It’s no coincidence that the rise of the urban fox — unheard of before the Sixties — has occurred alongside the never-ending explosion of the fast-food industry."

I would say the same applies to rats in towns - they get by very well on what we leave lying around. Generally though, however much we fear rats, most of us think they should be killed humanely.
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