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Labour to win? Surely not...
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Re: Labour to win? Surely not...
Jun 10, 2017, 08:34
You're right of course that Labour didn't win, but I reckon the biggest winner goes beyond party politics - for me the big winner was hope. The Tory/Crosby campaign was based on smear and personal attacks, but little substance. Labour (in England anyway) barely mentioned May but focussed on policy and on what kind of society we want. It's quite likely that some of the Tory policies that go into the Queen's Speech will be changed to reflect the new balance in Westminster.

The exception to that positive campaigning was the disastrous Scottish Labour performance where Dugdale focused on the SNP. That badly backfired and ironically gave the Tories the seats they needed to cling on. Mind you, Dugdale may be satisfied with a result that lessens the prospect of IndyRef2 quite a lot. I think Sturgeon has also misjudged the mood in the months before the election was called, focussing too much on calls for another IndyRef while taking her eye off the domestic ball as FM.

I hope the biggest lesson politicians of all sides can take is to focus on policy, and on what kind of society we want live in. Labour didn't win, but I feel a sense of renewed hope that this country can be a kinder, fairer one.
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