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The Great Global Warming Swindle
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Re: The Great Global Warming Swindle
Mar 10, 2007, 13:43
The point that wasn't answered was the CO2 following warming i.e. the causal relationship being appaently reversed.

I'd genuinely like to hear what is incorrect in the science part of the film (I'm a little less interested in the reasons and motivations for the CO2 theory which were also a large part). The responses have largely been name calling and repetition of the standard pro arguements, but not addressing the specifics of the science of the film of I have only mentioned part. There were an array of things pointing to the man made CO2 theory being incorrect. I am not going to argue in depth about it because it is the scientists in the film's baby, not mine. Their word are more authoratitive than mine.

Some have accused me of trolling which is not true: devils advocate is more like it.

Maybe someone will produce a detailed debunking of the film. They'd better be robust though, as the main contributors would seem to be heavyweight academics: 4 professors and 7 doctorates appear in the credits.

So step forward anyone. What are the flaws in the evidence presented? If the data they showed is correct, what other interpretation is more plausible? Anyone who hasn't actually seen the film need not apply. See previous Life of Brian comment.
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