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The Great Global Warming Swindle
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Edited Mar 12, 2007, 18:07
Re: The Great Global Warming Swindle
Mar 12, 2007, 17:46
DarkMagus wrote:

I'm not going to regurgitate the arguements in the film. It is pointless me paraphrasing any more than the little I have.

Yeah, but you're so keen for others to 'prove' that they've seen it! I have, and as I said, I think it's constructed to evoke some antipathy from the outset, by showing us student demos, Gerry Haliwell etc. If it's started off with rants from 'Monboit '(the daddy of the opposition it seems) it might not have come across as less (conveniently) selective in its approach.
If you expect anyone here to be able to argue on the level of those involved, you're wasting your time! You ought to know that! I'm sceptical, but even more sceptical of the likes of Nigel Lawason, and as I said hearing this stuff from scientists of institutions (NASA, MIT etc) from which a reduction in co2 might mean job losses for them (as they charged the other way round) is hardly viable or unbiased, and you do seek unbias here!
Now I know alot of people make tons of mula out of this stuff (yes, dear Monboit himself), but the thing is to reduce carbon use at a practice level actually costs us less, means less profit for others, and as I said, their evidence is based on rundementary findings, so if they're wrong, they're teribly irresponsible for it. If the other side's wrong, who loses? We've seen enoug of what irresponsible science can do.
No personal attack BTW!
EDIT: My humble attempt at rebuttal is that they've garnered the evidence of man made co2 over 100+ years, and compared it to what happens naturally over a million+
Sorry DM, there are no top notch scientists here, but some well informed folk none the less.
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